Memorial Day Means The Start Of Summer, and Grilling Season

Memorial Day in the United States has a somber element to it for those who have served and lost friends in the military. At the same time, it is the unofficial kickoff to summer, and with the arrival of warm weather, it’s grilling season. Last year I bought a Dyna-Glo four-burner gas grill. I got it at the Home Depot near me in Irondequoit, I think for about $200 plus tax. It was on sale; usually it goes for $300.

This grill has worked out nicely for me.

It’s easy to use, and even for someone like me, who was a grilling neophyte, I’ve had no problems in the dozen times or so that I’ve tried it. There’s definitely a joy that comes with cooking out on your deck, looking out at your back yard while yelling at the dog to stop eating the flowers. I was making some tastier fare for my wife and myself.

Sweet sausage from the farmer’s market.

The farmer’s market nearby carries flowers, live chickens, and lots of other things. I always like to make a stop at one of the booths selling locally-sourced meat. This sausage was manufactured at a farm just a few miles away from where we live. Always nice to eat locally produced food!

Doesn’t that look great?

In addition to the sausages, we had some chicken breasts with a dusting of herbs and spices.

Cooking it up right.

The one possible drawback about the Dyna-Glo grill is that is cooks things a bit unevenly. The sausages and chicken toward the back seemed to get finished a lot quicker than those in the front. I’d recommend staying attentive and moving the meat from the front to the back halfway through cooking. Also, remember to turn the chicken and sausages regularly so that they cook evenly on both sides.

Blackened chicken with dirty rice and red beans.

Here’s the finished product, plated up nicely. Along with the blackened chicken, I made red beans and dirty rice. This was easily done in the microwave. I added one can of red beans to one cup of brown rice in a big microwave-safe bowl with two cups of water. Remember for rice, it’s always one cup rice to two cups water. I microwaved them on high for 30 minutes as I was cooking outside on the grill. Then, when the water was gone, I took the bowl out and poured in a little spray butter, then added some fresh garlic, onion powder, and paprika. It turned out very flavorful!

All in all, dinner took about an hour to prepare, and everything was wonderful. Rice and beans, blackened chicken, and nice, crisp sausages. What could be better than that? It’s even diet friendly: you’re getting plenty of fiber from the rice and beans, and the chicken is low in fat. With the sausages you’re getting a higher total and saturated fat content, so don’t go eating too many of those. Of course, treating yourself occasionally is fine. I’d definitely recommend the Dyna-Glo grill based on my personal experience with it. I would just try to get it on sale if you can.

That’s it for now, folks. Enjoy your cookouts this weekend, and stay safe by wearing protective oven mitts around the grill and any open flames.

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