More Ways To Lose Weight Rochester

I’ve talked about how, since I’ve cut way back on processed foods, I’ve found a way to lose weight Rochester. I know there are a lot of people who are looking for simple, workable strategies to shave off the extra unwanted pounds, especially with summer around the corner. There’s three things that I would say have led to my slimming down, and getting more definition in my arms, chest, and midsection.

I’ve Been Drinking Only Water

This is a little bit of an exaggeration, since I do drink alcohol, but I try to limit that to Friday and Saturday nights. That way, I have those nights to look forward to. I’m no longer buying things at the store like orange juice and cranberry juice, though. Since I don’t have them in the house, it forces me to drink more water. This keeps me hydrated and helps me try to reach that goal of drinking eight glasses of water a day. And I’m shaving calories off my diet with each meal.

I’ve Maintained A Rigorous Workout Routine

If you want to lose weight and stay in good shape, you simply must exercise multiple times a week, and stick with it. I don’t have a gym membership, but 2-3 times a week I use free weights, do five sets of one hundred crunches, and do fifty or a hundred jumping jacks to get the heart pumping. I can switch it up with some yoga stretching at least a couple of times a week to try and stay limber. It’s not excessive. I’m not an athlete, so I don’t need to train like a madman all the time. I just know that I have to make the effort and do some physical activity every couple of days. Having the new dog to take for a walk once or twice every day hasn’t hurt, either.

I’ve Cut Way Back On Processed Foods

Since I work from home now, no more microwaveable dinners for me. That means I’ve cut back on sodium and artificial preservatives. Instead I cook for myself, so I know exactly what’s going into all my meals. Not only that, I eat a lot of nuts and dried fruit for snacks when I get hungry between meals. With my Costco membership, I can get big tubs of peanuts, like this guy.

It would be better to get the unsalted variety, but I still like to indulge a little bit. I’m only human. What I like best about snacks like nuts, dried fruit, and fresh fruit is that they have plenty of fiber.

If you follow these three tips: drink almost exclusively water, work out at least 2-3 times a week, and cut back on processed and prepared foods, then I guarantee you’ll slim down. You’ll feel more energized, too. I’ll be back next time with more tips. Eat healthy and eat well, Rochester.

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