Kirkland Chocolate Complete Nutrition Shake Review

Last time I talked about how I got a Costco membership when I left New York and moved upstate to Rochester. In addition to the bulk peanuts, dried fruit, and a few other sundries, I like to get the chocolate flavor of the Complete Nutrition Shakes from Kirkland. Kirkland is the generic Costco brand, and these shakes could be compared to other nutritional shakes like those made by Boost, Ensure, and other manufacturers. Here’s a picture of one.

These are pretty tasty.

So, here’s the positive. To start off, they taste good. The chocolate is like a milkshake or a glass of chocolate milk. They’re also fairly healthy for you. Each one has nine percent of your daily recommended total fat, and five percent of your daily recommended saturated fat. Both of those are right in my wheelhouse for a healthy diet. Here’s a pic of the nutritional panel.

The nutritional panel.

The one thing I would keep in mind about these, however, is that they’re only 8.2 fluid ounces. That’s not very much. If you’re a larger person, like me, upwards of six feet, then you’ll probably want to combine them with something else if you’re going to be having one for breakfast, which is what I usually do. I’ll often eat one with a Nutragrain bar, which luckily enough they also sell in bulk at Costco. The combination of those two is a good, healthy start to the morning, but I also understand that if I go that route, I’m going to be hungry again in a couple of hours.

So, to conclude, these taste good, and you get a more than fair deal if you buy them in bulk, so I do recommend them. The only thing to watch out for is that the serving size is relatively small, so this is something that should be used to tide you over till your next meal if you’re not drinking one in conjunction with something else.

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