Review: Swig and Swine, Charleston, SC

Last week saw Megan and I in Charleston, SC, for the Haven blogger conference. Haven is a get-together where home bloggers take classes and seminars and look to connect with brands like Home Depot and Behr Paints. I enjoyed some of the classes that we took, but to be honest, carnivore that I am, I was more excited to be in the south for the food. We lived in South Carolina in the past, and it didn’t work out for us. It’s a red state, and we’re about as liberal as it gets. There’s no denying that southern food is great, though, and real BBQ is one of the better things the Palmetto State has going for it.

Swig and Swine was one of the higher-reviewed places on Yelp, and the menu looked good to us. We took an Uber from the Marriott to 1217 Savannah Highway, which took about fifteen minutes in heavy traffic. These days I try and eat a healthier diet, low in fat, high in fiber, etc., but we were on a vacation of sorts, and I felt like I could cheat and have one admittedly unhealthy meal. Swig and Swine was a fairly small establishment, no frills, and it wasn’t too crowded, as we had gotten there on the earlier side. Our waitress was a loud, robust woman, in her fifties, I would say, who had no problems nattering on at length about the various items on the menu. We started with a “moonshine flight,” and selected blackberry, caramel, and apple. My favorite was the caramel, while Megan preferred the apple. Neither of us much cared for the blackberry. It tasted like cough syrup. The moonshine was strong stuff, as you would expect. We were starting with that on an empty stomach, so we were soon a little tipsy.

We ordered Miller Lites to go with our meals. Megan got the burnt ends, mac-and-cheese, and potato salad. I got a two-meat platter, selecting pulled pork, pork sausage, and baked beans and hash for my sides. Hash is somewhat of an interesting Southern phenomenon. I found it to be sort of like a thin tomato-based meat sauce with a bit of a sweet aftertaste. It was served over rice. It was tasty; in fact, I have no complaints about any of the food, except that there were some onions floating around in the baked beans, and if you’re a regular on the site, you know I detest onions. I had to eat around them. I tried Megan’s burnt ends, and they were delicious, smoky, the outside texture slightly crunchy, while the meat inside was chewy, but not overly so.

Megan’s burnt ends were extremely tasty.

On a final evaluation, if you find yourself in Charleston, this place is well worth visiting for the quality of the food. We ended up spending about $90 for the two of us, which is really not bad at all when you factor in that we had a moonshine flight and two beers apiece in addition to our meals. We were both stuffed. This is clearly a popular spot in Charleston, since all of the tables had filled up and there were people waiting by the time we left. Actually, the only bad that I can say about the place is in regards to the waitress. She was very pushy in suggesting things that we should and shouldn’t get, and she was inattentive when we were trying to pay our check. If you go, keep your fingers crossed you don’t end up in her section.

This was one of a couple of very good meals we had during the three days we were in town. Charleston is a lovely city from what I saw of it, and I had a nice time walking along Market Street, the tourist/shopping district, as well. It’s nice to be back home now, though, and putting in extra time exercising to work off all the unhealthy food I ate. It’s my birthday month, though, and sometimes you have to treat yourself, Rochester. I’ll be back with more soon. Hope you’re all enjoying your summer!



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